Sensational Gift Box 6


Our newly launched sensational gift boxes which are exclusively designed to make you, or your loved ones feel special. Get your taste buds and sentiments have combine prime touch with huge variety of nuts and dry fruits.  Our sixth sensational gift box is the ultimate solution to your munchiest cravings and could turn out to be the best gift to present your loved ones as it contains all you could ask for. Our sixth sensational gift basket is a cracking dose of nuts and dry fruits. The healthiest combination of snacks and sentiments. Our sixth sensational gift box includes

Cashews کاجو

Almonds بادام

Walnuts اخروٹ

Hazelnuts ہیزل نٹ

Figs انجیر

Dried apricots خشک خوبانی

Mulberry ملبری

Peanuts مونگ پھلی

Pistachios پستہ

Black raisins کالی کشمش

Dates کھجور

Raisin کشمش

Dried cherry خشک چیری

Coconuts کھوپرا

Pinenuts چلغوزہ

All items are 150 gms each except apricots and figs and dates its 100 gms and included delivery charges.



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