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  1. Welcome, again, to Abia’s basket. It is strongly recommended that you read and understand the “Terms of Use”, as by accessing to this Website you’re bound by the same and acknowledge that it constitutes as part of the procedure followed by abia’s basket. If you don’t agree then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to utilize our services.
  2. The following Terms of Use posted is an agreement between us (Website) and you (Visitors) and by visiting our site you hereby are accepting and consenting to the clauses outlined in the Terms of Use. On time to time basis, we may modify the Terms of Use and your continued use of our Website signify that you are bound to approve of our modified Terms of Use.
  3. The Website reserves the right to terminate all the clauses of the Terms of Use without any prior notice.
  4. To place an order, Users are required to provide accurate personal details and in case there are any changes to be made, re-register it at your earliest.
  5. Users are warned not to provide fraudulent details or details of other person on the behalf of that person. In case of fake order or incorrect information, order will be revocated and the person would be held liable of penalty.
  6. Data collected through forms become property of Abia’s basket and they hold the right to use it. The information submitted by the Users may be used to send promotional emails or in case of addition to the Abia’s basket Website.
  7. Abia’s basket reserves the right to take action against anyone who intends to disparage or destroy our reputation or create confusion amongst its Users.
  8. Abia’s basket holds the right to cancel your order in case a discrepancy is reported any time. You shall receive a confirmation call from abia’s basket’s Customer Service department and you be asked to provide further information in case of ambiguity.
  9. Abia’s basket believes in provision of accurate details regarding the products available on Website. A times there might be inaccuracies, errors or mispricing in the prices mentioned. However, in case of mispriced of product or total amount of order, User may contact our Customer Service department and we will be please to help you out. In case of unconfirmed order, abia’s basket reserves the right to cancel or refuse delivery at its sole discretion.
  10. Any changes in order or its related information would not be entertained at the end moment. Users are advised to receive their order within the allotted time slot.
  11. For an instance, if you have placed an order and till the time of delivery the product runs out of stock; we will make you our priority and get back to you as soon as we restock the product again. If an untoward incident or an unforeseen situation occurs, there might be a delay in the processing of your order. That said, we will not be held responsible and promises to try its best to resolve the situation at the earliest. We would be glad to hear from you.
  12. Deals are subject to change without prior notice, with the mutual consent of Abia’s basket & the partner Restaurant/Brand.
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